Summative Entry Visionary Imagination

How can Visionary Imagination – as expressed in the creations of William Blake, Patrick White, Brett Whiteley and others -be a positive influence in the contemporary William Blake, Patrick White and Brett Whiteley express the Visionary Imagination in a multitude of ways. Poetry, writing, art, music. These forms of expressive creations are essential in the […]

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Peer Review #4 Jacob Hall

Hi Jacob, (Click here) I was unable to go to the Brett Whiteley studio so I was happy to find your blog because I learnt a lot from it. I am glad that you defined alchemy because I wasn’t sure what that was and I really enjoyed reading your approach to its meaning and how […]

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Peer Review #3 Claire A’Court

Hi Claire, I’ll be reviewing your Blog Marriage of Heaven and Hell (Click here) You immediately caught my attention with your rhetorical questions at the start, and this really engaged me to read the rest of your blog! Your added quotes and visual details (like dot points, image) help to express your thoughts even better. […]

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Creative Blog (#5)

You may also do the following: say, in word (critical or creative) in image (critical or creative), in video (critical or creative) what inspired you MOST today from all the myriad of impressions you received at either the Brett Whiteley Studio or the Prints and Drawing Room where the NSW Art Gallery had so brilliantly […]

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Peer Review #2 Mitchell Frewen

Hi Mitchell! (Click Here) This was a creative take on this blog subject. The twisted enjoyment you have expressed in your devil’s actions adds to the cheeky character you’ve created. Your use of contrasting colour symbolism and strong employment of imagery and metaphors is a successful application of creative language. Your blog is personal, thoughtful, […]

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Critical Blog (#3)

What is it that prevents the human from being divine? The human has to believe in the divine. Being divine would defeat the purpose of believing. Scepticism, greed, laziness, selfishness is qualities that exist within humans that not only prevent humans from BEING divine, it also prevents humans BELIEF in divinity. I myself, am a […]

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Peer Review #1 Joshua Straw

Hi Josh! (Click here!) I chose to do my first peer review on you, because I already learn so much from you in class (I’ll also take the opportunity to say that in class you communicate your ideas so clearly and I’m so jealous of that 😂) Your blog parallels this in the way it […]

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Creative Blog (#2)

Imagine the character that lies behind this face: My immediate instinct was to read the character’s facial expression… Flared nostrils, furrowed eyebrows, a permanent frown and wrinkles. To me, this captured the feeling of disappointment. Why was he disappointed? That was my first question. But then my insecurities overpowered my organic perceptions- what if he […]

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Best Blog (#1)

Briefly discuss your sense of the significance of Patti Smith’s “My Blakean Year” My sense of significance of Patti Smith’s “My Blakean Year” stemmed from watching it in the lecture and hearing her introduction before her performance. Not only did she speak highly of William Blake, but she also said things that resonated strongly with […]

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